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The History of Poker

The History of PokerPoker has come a long way. Everyone debates on when the first poker game was held. However, it is believed to have come from Germany and was known as a game called Pochspiel. Some say that it has some resemblance to a game that dates back to the 1800’s named As Nas. However, there is reason to believe that it’s not the same game.

The way that the game of poker began in the United States with a different type of game than what many are now normally used to as five cards are dealt to each player. This began in the year 1937. The only difference is that they played with twenty cards. Since then, it has gone to fifty two cards. The only reason there were twenty cards at one time was due to the fact that you would have two players. As per the rule, the fewer players you have, the fewer cards you will need.

One can see where different things came into existence throughout history. For example, the flush wasn’t introduced until 1850 which is the same for the draw. It wasn’t until the American Civil War that more things were added as well. For instance, stud poker was created. The straight was created as well. Lowball and split poker was developed in 1900.

Other things that have evolved throughout the time is how poker is referred to. Historians say that there are many names for poker in American and British culture. Other things that came into existence in these countries are the tournaments that came into existence in 1970. Following the tournaments that were created are the strategy books to help everyone and anyone to up their skills when it came to playing poker.

Since then, in the 1990’s many have seen an influx of casinos and online games. The first poker game online was created in 1998 and was titled Planet Poker. Following that, the British culture was introduced to poker in 1999 as it aired on television. As of lately, there are many who not only play poker, but have taken a liking to watching poker as well. The reason for this is because you learn the tricks of the trade when playing this game. Many have seen an increase of tournaments and the amount of people watching them since the year 2003.

Young and old love this game. They play for the fun, they play for the money. There are many more that will tell you that in many instances, they just play for the social interaction. It’s a time to play a nice game as well as a nice way of hanging out and talking about the day or week. More variations keep coming about as to keep current players returning with the prizes and stakes being set higher and higher. This is what these online gaming industries have to do to keep their customers coming back for more. The earnings that they can get keep getting higher as well.

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